Real Truffle Oil From Profine Food Stores – New Zealand

In Profine Food Stores Just produce best quality and healthiest Truffle oil with top grade truffles. In fact, 95% of truffle oils in the market are synthetic oils that are derived from chemicals, which are then infused into olive oil. So, obviously they are not real truffle oil . Yes, that means ” most of the truffle oil products in the market are not made from truffles”. But Profine Food Stores produce authentic truffle oil, one that is extracted from truffles. But, what are these truffles ? Truffles are fruits a fungi which belongs to the Tuber genus. It bears a resemblance to potato. Truffles have been held in high esteem by “chefs” throughout history. Even now, they are pretty costly and are used only for exotic dishes which mention that truffles are in them. Truffle dishes and recipes have always remained popular. Because of the high cost of truffles, producing real truffle oil becomes quite expensive. That is why, a synthetic truffle oil was created from a specific ester ( a chemical compound ) with an odor similar to actual truffles. From a nutritional point of view, truffle oil has got nothing more than its base oil, which is often extra virgin olive oil. The light colored Truffle oil is obtained from white truffles, while the dark colored Truffle oils are from black truffles. How to contact us : Visit our online store :

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