Premium White Truffle Oil NEW ZEALAND PRODUCT

Premium White Truffle Oil 250ml / 100ml Bottle

White Truffle Oil Craft an inspired and ingredient-forward dish with ​Profine Food Stores . Made with a blend of ​fresh organic  Southern France white truffle​ mushrooms  and premium extra virgin olive oil​ from New Zealand ​​.Our white truffle oil adds rich, multi-layered flavor to any recipe without having to use fresh truffles. With its bold and floral flavor, our ready-to-use  is ideal for use as a garnishing and finishing oil or for making ​ kinds of side dishes as well as  sauces. Simply drizzle a small amount on salads, pastas, potatoes, risottos, soups, cooked vegetables, fish, or chicken for an added boost of rich flavor. For an elevated snack, try drizzling over popcorn, fries, or bread.​ Crafting locally and fresh every month  in Auckland  ​for our premium white truffle oil meets strict requirements for the labeling of truffle products to ensure each bottle is ​made with authentic truffle​ mushrooms.At ​Profine Food Stores, we provide our ​customers with ​best product and  service that meet their needs and push their imaginations. We are dedicated to providing​ households and chefs the products they want, when they need them, with the highest quality. Helping chefs ​and cooks at home ​craft excellence, one ingredient at a time.

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